***NEWS: Pilots Registration and Briefing - ore 9.00 Saturday 4 April at InfoPoint Expo Area***


We are glad to announce that at Expo Montegrappa 2015 it will be organized a Paramotor Fun Race: 

Montegrappa Paramotor Cup

The race director is Michel Carnet, several times British Champion and World Champion in 2009.

Three days of race (from 4th to 6th April 2015).

To apply please fill the online form here: http://goo.gl/tVwj0j

Every pilot must have a flying license and an insurance policy (third parties liability).

Participation fee is € 25,00 (every day packet lunch and an event gadget).

Registration requests must be approved from the director.

The race regulation will be published soon here.

The tasks will consist of a mixture of precision tasks, to include slalom courses, landing accuracy and general low level flying agility.

For any information please write to: expo@vivereilgrappa.it 


Pilots not in race: you can fly following THESE RULES.